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Cornerstone is a multi-faceted production company serving both domestic and international markets.  We help our clients communicate with their target audiences through our specialty in all phases and levels of business theatre, live theatre, and film production.  Our energetic management team has more than 66 years of combined experience in creating, producing, directing, staging, writing, composing, and conceptualizing full-scale stage productions, industrial shows, mammoth spectacles, concerts, press events, and special events.  We provide our clients with a high degree of professionalism, knowledge, expertise, artistry and acute business acumen gained from theatrical roots and education.  We merge this experience into exciting products that give a sharp edge to everyday projects and epic proportions to theatrical events in order to fully communicate our clients' goals, cultures, and messages.

We look forward to applying the same sort of innovative thinking we have shown in our portfolio of past projects for a wide variety of companies and industries, including the Walt Disney Company, the United States Postal Service, Broadway productions, and countless touring productions in the United States and internationally, to your project.  

      "Masters of the theatrical epic ...." ~ Variety Magazine