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Cornerstone is pleased to provide production assistance on a variety of business theatre projects, such as the projects listed below. For a more comprehensive list of theatre, business theatre, and film projects Cornerstone has been involved with, please review our portfolio list.
    • A Tribute to Walter Conkrite
    • Asian Games ~ Conception
    • Chapman University ~ Annual Fundraiser
    • The Disney Learning Channel ~ Literacy Tour
    • Disney Worldwide Celebrity Winged Tour
    • Disneyanna ~ Multimedia Event
    • Disney ~ ToonTown Opening
    • Elvis Presley Look-A-Like Event ~ Hosted by Mark & Bryan, K-Big Radio
    • Ford Motor Company ~ Showroom Floor Unveiling
    • General Motors Corporation ~ Prism Unveiling
    • The Great American Car Race
    • Jack Lindquist Retirement Party
    • The Long Beach Boys Club ~ Building Fundraiser featuring Robert Goulet
    • Mattel Toy Shop ~ Grand Opening
    • Media Games Charity Event ~ hosted by Disney Marketing Division
    • Mickey's 65th Birthday Celebration
    • Millikin ~ Carpet & Fabric Show
    • National Baseball Team Announcements
    • NHL Mighty Ducks ~ Opening Ceremony and Season Media Events
    • President Gerald Ford ~ Charitable Event
    • South Coast Medical Center, Laguna Beach ~ New Wing Fundraiser with Red Skelton
    • State Fair at Disneyland
    • U.S. Post Office ~ Classic Stamp Unveiling
    • U.S. Treasury ~ New Series E-Bond Unveiling
    • Wine Tasting Association ~ Wine Tasting Event
    • World Cup 1995

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